Network Attached Storage VND007

[ For OEM projects Only ]

Home NAS works as an external hard drive and interfaces with the PCs by the 100M Ethernet. Because it is network based, it works across all platforms such as Windows, MAC, and Unix. Connecting the NAS to PC's LAN port, or to a hub in the home network, users can have an additional storage to store/retrieve files. Videos, music, videos, images and other files can be stored and shared among family members through the home network.


  • Network Attached Storage for the Home/SOHO environment.
  • Easy file sharing among home network.
  • NAS Finder for easy setup; does not require any device driver or networking experience.
  • 10/100 LAN connection.
  • Working with all operation systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux/Unix.
  • USB 2.0 ports for additional external storage device.
  • Built-in print server.
  • Power button for soft power off to avoid data loss in abrupt shutdown.
  • LEDs for power status, LAN activity, ready status, and HDD activity.
  • Stand alone DHCP server, can also be configured as a DHCP client, or static IP.
  • RTC to keep the time during power off. Auto-sync with the internet time server when boot up.
  • SMART protocol to monitor the healthy status of HDD.
  • Domain controller. Password protected folder.
  • RAID 0,1 between internal HDD with external USB HDD.
  • Web management GUI.
  • Disk power management.
  • Fan-less design.
  • Compact, aesthetic design


  • Core chipset: Broadcom BCM4780
  • Memory: 8MB flash; 32MB SDRAM (64MB optional)
  • IDE interface Conforms to ATA-6 specification and supports UDMA-6 up to 133MB/s. Single HDD.
  • LAN interface: BCM5241, 802.3 10/100 Mbps. Auto MDIX for straight or crossover. Number of ports: 1.
  • USB interface: NEC uPD720101GJ USB 2.0 controller; number of ports: 2. Complay with high-speed USB IF.
  • Front LED: power, ready, and HDD activity.
  • Rear I/O: 2xUSB, RJ45, reset button, soft-power switch, and DC power jack.
  • Power: external power adapter, AC 50/60Hz, 100 to 240V, DC 12V 36W max.
  • File system: CIFS and NFS.
  • Operating Environment: 5-35 C; 20-80% humidity.